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Image by Daniel Schludi

Round Table on COVID Vaccines Hosted by Senator Ron Johnson on November 1, 2021

Listen to data and perspective provided by the following individuals: 

- Dr. Linda Wastila - Professor and Vice Chair for the Dept of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research at the      University of Maryland and Founders Week Researcher of the Year 

- Lieutenant Colonel Teresa Long - Army Aerospace Medical Specialist

- Bob Kaplan - Distinguished Professor of Medicine at the the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Distinguished Professor of the Health Services at UCLA

- John P. Whelan - Pediatric Rheumatologist who teaches at UCLA, received his degree in biochemistry from Harvard, and worked as a pediatric rheumatologist for 20 years at Mass General in Boston

- Peter Doshi - Professor of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research at the University of Maryland - his research focuses on policies related to drug safety and effectiveness. 

- Aditi Bhargava - Professor of Reproductive Sciences at USF Medical School

- Iona Heath - General Practioner, Past President of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners

(meeting starts at 30:30 on the video)

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